Cleaning Checklist

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Service Type Standard Deep Move In/Out Construction
Clean cobwebs from lights, sills
Clean countertops
Dust all lights, ceiling fans & blades
Take out the trash
Dust windows, sills, and ledges
Clean table and chairs
Clean inside and outside of microwave
Clean stove burners; clean stovetop, front & control panels
Clean & dry sink counters & soap dish
Sweep & mop floors
Clean counters & backsplash
Clean front of all cabinets and handles
Clean oven hood vent
Wipe down window sills and window frames
Doors & door frames dusteds
Baseboards dusted & wiped down
Dust & disinfect light switches & door knobs
Clean inside refrigerator
Clean inside oven
Clean inside cabinets & drawers
Sweep pantry floor & wiped down shelves
Doors & door frames wiped down
Blinds & shutters wet wiped down
Sawdust removal
Debris removal
Granite polish
Cement removal

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